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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Our mission is to provide the best solution for domestic wastewater (human waste) disposal/treatment from oil and gas sites while limiting the liability of energy companies in the safest way possible – thereby protecting the health and safety of personnel at drilling and completions locations.

At Quail Run Services, we provide a responsible way for operators and housing companies to treat their domestic wastewater – without the responsibility of ineffective and risky onsite treatment options. Once a TCEQ licensed hauler delivers your waste to our TCEQ treatment facility, you can rest easy that you are in full compliance with state and local regulations. It’s one less thing your team has to worry about.

What potentially happens if your current onsite treatment process fails?
If reclaimed domestic wastewater ends up in drilling mud, or leaks into your operations, your workers may be exposed to a variety of potentially problematic issues including: cholera and other infectious diarrhea (also known as dysentery) such as E coli diarrhea, salmonella or shigella; viral infections that are transmitted through fecal matter including rotavirus, norovirus, and hepatitis A and E; parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium; and a variety of worms including pinworms, ascariasis and tapeworms. Of course, this may never happen. But is it a risk you’re willing to take?

The clean choice for domestic wastewater treatment

  • Reduce liability for your raw sewage and domestic wastewater
  • Improve worker safety and reduce exposure to health risks
  • Save time and money with no permitting paperwork required
  • Fast and efficient – typically in and out within 20 minutes
  • Completely TCEQ compliant

TYpes of Water accepted

Acceptable Wastewater

Quail Run Services provides treatment and disposal for the following wastewater types: sewage from oilfield locations.

Non-Acceptable Wastewater

Quail Run Services strictly prohibits the delivery and acceptance of the following wastewater types:

  • Wastewater that has turned septic (ie. sewage stored in frac tanks for extended time without proper aeration)
  • Septic tank waste
  • Any industrial wastewater (ie. flow-back, saltwater or produced water)

Aeration requirements on sewage holding tanks prior to transporting

Quail Run Services will not accept any sewage that is black in color and/or has a PH value of less than 6 or higher than 9. In order to ensure you meet these parameters, CLICK HERE to read a memo regarding acceptable and unacceptable sewage that we will accept at the headworks of the wastewater facility from all trucks.

If you are ready to take the liability and burdens associated with domestic wastewater treatment out of your hands, rely on Quail Run Services to handle your domestic wastewater treatment. Whether you operate a drilling rig, fracking or completions operation, or manage a man camp, we’re ready to go to work. Let’s start the conversation today.