The Smart Choice


THe Quail Run Services Difference

Properly handling and treating domestic waste is our only focus.

Our dedicated facilities can handle the volumes required to ensure that your waste is treated efficiently, effectively and responsibly. Onsite trailer mounted systems simply cannot handle domestic waste effectively. More importantly, when you partner with Quail Run Services, you are not liable for the treatment of the waste – that burden shifts from the operator or housing company to our TCEQ licensed facilities.

Pump & haul is the smart choice:

  • No liability on the operator
  • No additional labor for permitting paperwork required
  • No extra rig up/rig down costs
  • No risk of hazardous reclaimed water mixing with drilling mud
  • No more domestic wastewater headaches

Is onsite disposal a risk worth taking?

While there are currently some onsite waste treatment options available today, typically they are difficult to manage and there is no fail-safe way to ensure that their systems will not expose your workers to human waste in the event of a process failure. The main problem operators have with onsite systems is that the liability rests with operators – throughout the entire cradle-to-grave lifecycle of the waste handling and treatment.

Are you sure you’re in compliance with these onsite systems? Is that a risk you’re willing to take with your workers’ health and safety? What happens if you have to shut down your operations due to poor or improper handling of this domestic waste? With Quail Run Services, you don’t have to worry about hazardous waste systems failing or being in violation of health codes. We treat all of the waste at our own off-site, TCEQ compliant facilities. Once the domestic/human waste is removed from your site, you are no longer liable.