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Leaders in Pump & Haul Domestic Wastewater Services

Quail Run Services, LLC operates domestic wastewater treatment facilities specifically focused on wastewater generated on well site locations.

With over 100 years combined experience in wastewater industry, our dedicated teams have the expertise and experience to handle all your domestic wastewater treatment needs. Our state licensed facilities are designed to properly treat domestic wastewater and then discharge/reuse the processed effluent that meets or exceeds state-provided effluent parameters.

Our facilities are open 24/7 with TCEQ licensed operators.

Quail Run Services facilities are driver friendly with easy access for simple unloading. Plus, all loads received by our professional teams are required to have a fully-executed manifest, which we provide.

If you are ready to take the liability and burdens associated with domestic wastewater treatment out of your hands, rely on Quail Run Services to handle your domestic wastewater treatment. Whether you operate a drilling rig, fracking or completions operation, or manage a man camp, we’re ready to go to work. Let’s start the conversation today.